Canada Closes 2019 E-Box with Switzerland

by CLL

The final game for Canada at the 2019 E-Box was against Switzerland, another hockey playing nation on the brink of becoming a great box lacrosse force in Europe. The Swiss Men's National team has competed in E-Box in each of the years the tournament has been held along with competing at the Aleš Hřebeský Memorial the last four years starting in 2016. 

[PHOTO: Canada with Switzerland Men's National Indoor Lacrosse Team]

"Many of the box programs in Europe start with a few guys developing a taste and passion for the indoor game." Fox explained about the Swiss. "A few Nations, like Switzerland, are lucky to have connected with people like Brian Tyacke and Dan Patterson who are just as passionate about developing box lacrosse internationally."

Switzerland's #21 Lukas Heri scored the only 2 Goals for his team. Canada was led by Pilcher with 7 Goals and 2 Assists, Foster with 3 Goals and 3 Assists, and Buck with 1 Goal and 5 Assists. For Switzerland #69 Alexander Meier played the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Quarters of the game making 31 Saves and giving up 20 Goals with #55 Kevin Stauffer playing the 4th Quarter making 9 Saves and giving up 4 Goals. For Canada Hruska played the first half and made 19 Saves giving up 1 Goal with B. Harris playing the second half, making 6 Saves and giving up 1 Goal. 

Watch: YouTube
Boxscore: Canada 24 - Switzerland 2