Educational Advisory on Ontario Lacrosse Association Statements

by CLL

The Canadian Lacrosse League (CLL) is aware of many recent 'statements' made and circulated by the Ontario Lacrosse Association (OLA). 

Provincial Sports Organizations, including the OLA, operate on policy as voted on by its members - not statements posted by the Board, memos added to liability waivers by individual Board Members, or declarations made by employees. The OLA statement linked above is not OLA policy. 

The only OLA policy referenced in their statements is in regards to player's requiring permission to competing outside of the OLA while 'in-season'. 

Furthermore, OLA policy does not define when a player's season ends; which has established precedent and allowed OLA players to compete with the CLL and at IIJL events in the past. Players do not need 'permission' from the OLA to play lacrosse outside of the OLA, once their OLA commitments have ended. 

Additionally, the CLL and IIJL are not competing leagues to the OLA. Within the context of the only OLA policy mentioned, 'competing leagues' is in reference to leagues within their own Corporation; example: OJCLL, OJBLL, and OJLL. 

Lastly, the CLL does not refer to its teams that compete internationally as "Team Canada" - a designation awarded only to Olympic recognized Sports Organizations. CLL teams are referred to as "Canada", as the CLL represents Canada at all International Indoor Junior Lacrosse (IIJL) competitions.

Players and parents/guardians are encouraged to educate themselves further on OLA policy (link) and by-laws (link), become active, and challenge the OLA to provide their membership with factual information with documentation that prove the above otherwise.