Canada Drops Physical Contest Against Czechia to Open E-Box

by CLL

Saturday was cold and wet in Radotín leading up to Canada's first game at 2024 E-Box where they faced the hometown Czechs. 

The game was chaotic from the first whistle of the game with the ball and bodies flying and bouncing around the slick surface in the open-air box.

Aidan Baker (West Vancouver, BC) opened the scoring for the game in Canada on transition. The Czech then went on a 9 Goal run that included two Power Play goals, with Canada killing off several other penalties including being down two man at multiple points in the run. 

Trailing 9-1, Canada went on a mini-run of their own shortening the gap to five goals with a score of 9-5. More chaos ensued, with multiple penalties against Canada, and another 6 Goal run for the Czechs. Canada calmed the waters scoring their 5th and rounded out the 4th Quarter of the game exchanging goals one-for-one with the Czechs. The final score was Czechia 17 — Canada 7.

Canada's Cam Pilon (Deep River, CT) played the full length of the game finishing with 39 Saves for a 70% Save Percentage.


The CLL's next game will be Sunday April 21 at 2:00 PM local Prague time again Germany. E-Box games are available to watch live on the LCC Radotín YouTube Page (click).