Initial 40 Man Player Pool for 2019 WJLC

by CLL

VANCOUVER, BC – Canada, operated by the Canadian Lacrosse League (CLL) have announced their initial 40 Man Player Pool as part of their selection process for the 2019 IIJL World Junior Lacrosse Championship. 

“Players whom our staff have named to the 40 Man Player Pool have been contacted and educated on the selection process” said Chris Fox General Manager of Canada. “The initial 40 Man Player Pool is comprised completely of players who invested their time to attend and compete at one of the four (4) Regional Combines that took place in January." Fox added. 

As the summer Junior season progresses and as teams move up and down the standings, players projected availability for August changes. "As we proceed with our selection process players will be moved off and on the 40 Man Player Pool weekly dependent on their individual performance, availability, and our needs leading up to our 23 Man Final Roster announcement in July.” Fox said. "This is an open and inclusive process. The combines were a great opportunity to evaluate players and allowed us to start building relationship. We will also be looking at players who were not able to attend the combines for a variety of reasons."

Seth Bellerose2000GoaltenderLeft6.02200
Aiden Pincombe1999GoaltenderRight5.11185
Laine Hruska2001GoaltenderLeft6.01220
Dylan Sprentz1999GoaltenderLeft6.00200
Aidan Danby2001DefenceRight6.03190
Evan Gartner2001DefenceLeft6.06195
Bryce Schmermund2001DefenceLeft6.01195
Garrett Depape1999DefenceRight6.01180
Garrett Brockmeyer2001DefenceLeft6.03170
Sam Marshall2002DefenceRight6.03220
Brad Lyons1999DefenceLeft6.01185
Michael Grace2001DefenceLeft6.04195
Will Cecile2000DefenceLeft6.01190
Oriale Mandeville1999DefenceLeft5.09165
Ethan Riggs2000DefenceLeft6.02215
Brendan Szabo1999TransitionLeft5.11185
Jordan Daniel2000TransitionRight5.10152
Maxwell Stalling2000TransitionLeft6.06188
Cooper Gettel2001TransitionRight5.10155
Malcolm MacInnes2001TransitionLeft6.00175
Mattias Flammenspeck2002TransitionRight6.02180
Boedy Shields1999TransitionRight5.11170
Jordan Tabin2000TransitionRight6.00190
Bryce Dueck1999TransitionRight5.11170
Mathis Couillard2001TransitionLeft6.00175
Chris Weier1999TransitionRight6.02183
Jacob Lucas Parkinson2000TransitionRight5.10152
Cody Arseneault1999Transition/FOLeft5.11180
Matthew Wist2001Offence/FOLeft5.11195
Mitchell Sandberg2001OffenceLeft6.03205
Brayden Brown1999OffenceRight6.02175
Jacob Dunbar2001OffenceRight5.10165
Callin Harris2002OffenceLeft5.10145
Ben Foster2000OffenceRight6.01185
Nolan Oakey2001OffenceRight5.11150
Kyle Dziwenka2001OffenceRight5.11185
Quinn Ingalls2000OffenceRight5.11190
Sam Leclair1999OffenceRight5.10170
Johnathan Peshko2001OffenceRight6.04192
Luke Pilcher2000OffenceLeft6.00165

“We support each and every player and their team’s pursuit of a Canadian National Championship. We understand that the IIJL World Junior Lacrosse Championship is held at a busy time of the summer, in August, at the height of Canadian junior playoffs." Fox explained regarding the timing of the IIJL World Junior Lacrosse Championship. "Our current scenario mirrors other international and domestic championship schedules that occur simultaneously; a perfect example being the IIHF Men’s World Hockey Championship and NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs. As teams advance through the NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs, players whose teams have been eliminated are free to participate for their respective countries at the IIHF Men’s World Hockey Championship. By implementing a 40 Man Player Pool proportionate to the population of junior players from each Province we are able to navigate the challenging dates and prepare a diligent list to streamline our selection process.” 

The 40 Man Player Pool will be updated weekly to reflect the current league standings and player availability leading up to the 23 Man Final Roster announcement in July. 

CANADIAN LACROSSE LEAGUE – Over the past four (4) years the Canada program has evolved from three separately run regional teams into one cohesive national non-profit organization that provides world class experiences inclusive to all junior players across Canada. For more information on the 2019 IIJL World Junior Lacrosse Championship visit