IIJL Member Nations Expand on Partnership to Multilateral Long-Term Officials Development Model


The three (3) International Indoor Junior Lacrosse (IIJL) Founding Member Nations; Canada, Haudenosaunee, and United States announce an expanded partnership between the Canadian Lacrosse League, Haudenosaunee Dehontsigwaehs, and US Indoor Lacrosse to include a multilateral Long-Term Officials Development (LTOD) Model. 

The extended partnership is focused on a mirrored development path for Officials on both sides of the Canada-United States border and includes Haudenosaunee and other First Nations Officials. The multilateral LTOD Model provides consistent recruiting, training, and evaluating in each county for Officials to gain national experience and progress towards international assignments. 

"This is a massive opportunity for American box lacrosse Officials." said Graham D'Avlia, President US Indoor Lacrosse. "Over the last decade box lacrosse has seen tremendous growth at the youth level in the US. The rapid expansion has created a development-gap for Officials between the junior and professional leagues that needs to be filled for the US to compete with our Canadian counterparts." D'Alvia added. 

"The development of Haudenosaunee and First Nations Officials, outside of native run leagues and communities, is often overlooked." Gewas Schindler, President, Haudenosaunee Dehontsigwaehs. "This partnership empowers our Officials to pursue opportunities outside of their local communities and reach the international stage with the ultimate goal of more Haudenosaunee and First Nations representation in the National Lacrosse League (NLL)." Schindler added. 

In addition to mirrored development paths the three organizations will share policy and best practices with an added focus on abuse of Officials. 

"We are committed to developing the best officials in Canada and providing them with a professional and safe working environment." said Chris Fox, President Canadian Lacrosse League. "This is the first multi-nation development partnership in the history of the sport at any level." Fox added. 

The Long-Term Officials Development (LTOD) Model will include domestic league play with national championships in both Canada and the United States and feature current and future IIJL events including the North American Cup Series, World U17 Lacrosse Championship, and World Junior Lacrosse Championship

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