Physical Battle Between Israel and Canada to Close 2023 E-Box

by CLL

PHOTO: Marek Stor

Facing an Israel roster with Canadian players from Ontario and Quebec, it was understood before face-off that the game was going to be physical. The physicality led to 16 minutes in penalties for Israel and 14 minutes in penalties for Canada. After the dust settled, Israel won by a final score of 12-4.

The full game is available above. All games of the 2023 European Box Lacrosse invitational (E-Box) are available on the LCC YouTube Page.

Canada was led in scoring by Max Pocherewny with 2 Goals. Despite what is listed in the boxscore, Ryan Atkinson and Tait Pinch split the game making 25 Saves and 14 Saves, in each of their respective halves. 

[PHOTO - Marek Stor | Todd Wilfong (left) presents Player of the Game gift to Israel's #92 Jackson Hainer.]

Jackson Hainer, who played for Israel at the 2022 IIJL World Junior Lacrosse Championship in Winnipeg, MB was named Player of the Game, Hainer made 23 Saves.

CANDT finishes their European tour and 2023 E-Box with a combined record of 0-5 (0-1, 0-4) record.