2020 IIJL Commonwealth Cup COVID-19 Update

by CLL

With Canada and Australia imposing tough restrictions on global travel due to the COVID-19 (coronavirus) Canada has advised the organizers of the 2020 IIJL Commonwealth Cup that they will not be able to make the trip down under this week and as a consequence the 2020 IIJL Commonwealth Cup has been postponed. 

Canada was set to descend on Melbourne this weekend to take on teams from Perth, Adelaide, and Melbourne in the inaugural Commonwealth Cup as part of International Indoor Junior Lacrosse programming. As the World works to contain the spread of COVID-19 through limited travel, social distancing, and self-isolation organizers have made the sensible decision to postpone for the foreseeable future. 

Tournament organizer Ric Benedierks said that whilst tournament organizers had been optimistic the tournament could go ahead, the rapidly changing global landscape left them with no choice. "With so much uncertainty and the constant changing scenarios surrounding travel, it is with deep regret that Canada will be cancelling their trip to Australia" Benedierks announced with a heavy heart.

Whilst organizers have not ruled out rescheduling for later in 2020, they have no choice but to take a 'wait and see approach', "We will be working with International Indoor Junior Lacrosse and the Commonwealth Cup organizers to discuss the viability of rescheduling until there is more certainty around international travel and clarity surrounding protocols for return and testing," added Benedierks. 

"The Canada Lacrosse League, Australian Box Lacrosse, players, parents/guardians, volunteers, and sponsors have put a tremendous amount of time, effort, and resources towards the inaugural IIJL Commonwealth Cup." Explained Chris Fox of the Canadian Lacrosse League. "Moving forward we will work with Ric Benedierks and Australian Box Lacrosse to ensure they are successful and with our players here in Canada as we enter a summer full of uncertainty regarding the regular seasons of many Junior lacrosse leagues around the county" added Fox. 

The Canadian Lacrosse League would like to thank our Canadian Players, Parents, and Guardians for their dedication and resolve over the last 72 hours and during this unprecedented time. 

Whilst the postponement is disappointing, organizers, including Benedierks, were adamant that this would not be the end of the Commonwealth Cup, "if it is not an option for this year, we will certainly be rescheduling for a 2021 IIJL Commonwealth Cup." 

With the 2020 IIJL World Junior Lacrosse Championship schedule for August 3-9, 2020 there have been no plans to move or reschedule the Championship. Tournament organizers are working with True North Sports & Entertainment (TNSE) and Bell MTS Place on all scenarios.